Yoga Nidra- An Asset to a Healthy Mind & Body

Are you aware, there is a fantastic form of yoga that will help you with deep relaxation.

I am talking about Yoga Nidra, the best-kept secret to deep relaxation and peace within!

This Amazing technique has various benefits; it helps with deep relaxation and effectively reduces anxiety and stress. Also, it relaxes our busy mind, helps to get restful sleep and offers a door toward spiritual development.

Yoga Nidra drives you to the higher spheres of consciousness, where you recognise your true potential and helps to achieve a state of awareness.

So we must try to include it in our daily routine.

An Asset to a Healthy Mind & Body

I call it an asset because incorporating it into our lives will only help cultivate quality life over time.

Nowadays, blame it on today’s lifestyle or anything else. However, most people face problems related to anxiety & mental health. Due to which most of them are confronting sleepless nights, which hampers productivity the other day and drastically affects their health.

Yoga Nidra is best to deal with such issues. It works with your brain waves to provoke your body and mind into a state that is somewhere between being awake and being asleep.

And the best part is that it’s primarily effortless to incorporate into our hectic lifestyle.

That’s why it is often described as an effortless relaxation.

Indeed it’s not a substitute for sleep; most people enjoy practising it because 45 minutes of Nidra feels like 3 hours of regular sleep.

It also helps to connect with yourself; over time, it creates a porthole to communicate with the soul and provides an opportunity to learn about yourself through a thoughtful experience.

As stated earlier, 1 hour of Yoga Nidra is supposed to have the healing properties of three to four hours of regular sleep. So in itself, it is a rejuvenating practice.

It provides a vital opportunity for rest and clears the clutter from the mind, which is one of the main reasons for sleeplessness.

Additionally, it can help enhance focus, productivity, and creativity. As we have seen, it even helps with mental health concerns.

After starting practising it, we will only encounter benefits.

Even various studies have proven it beneficial for relaxation & lessening anxiety and stress levels.

Despite having this many benefits, it is not advised and should be avoided by people with severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

Also, most people get confused between yoga Nidra and meditation. But they are different from each other. Even the goal of both is the same, but it differs from meditation. Generally, meditation is done in a seated position, whereas Yoga Nidra is always practised laying down.

No doubt, it is one of the best ways to self-care and spiritual growth.

It has enormous benefits, which help us create inner harmony and helps to solve daily life problems with a positive mindset.

No matter how many problems are there in your life. Start practising this fantastic form of yoga daily for a stress-free and healthy life.

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