Should I Take Holy Basil At Night Or Morning?

Best Time of Day to Take Holy Basil

Do you know various scientific studies and evidence suggest Holy Basil (Tulsi) possesses potential applications in treating diabetes, sleep disorders, stress & anxiety? 

That’s why Holy Basil is super valued for its versatility in helping to restore health. However, most people are confused about whether should I take Holy Basil at night or morning?

Subsequently, for herbs and supplements like Holy Basil, it is always essential to know the best time of day to take Holy Basil to maximize its effectiveness.

Should I Take Holy Basil at Night or Morning

Should I Take Holy Basil at Night or Morning

You should take holy basil in the morning as well as at night. Various Studies recommend taking holy basil (Tulsi) twice per day. So you can take holy basil in the morning on an empty stomach and at night thirty minutes before going to sleep.

Furthermore, the timing and dosage of holy basil vary depending on the complexity of the problem and the purpose of taking it.

If you are taking holy basil for general preventive measures, then taking it once or twice a day is enough depending upon the purpose. But for treating persistent symptoms, multiple small doses per day are recommended for better results. 

Well, about Holy Basil dosage, I had covered it in the latter part of the article.

Note: It is always best to consult an Ayurveacharya or Authentic Ayurveda Practitioner.

When to Take Holy Basil

You can take holy basil both in the morning as well as night. Perhaps, if you are suffering from sleep-related problems, then you should consider consuming it at night. Likewise, you should take holy basil in the morning to treat acute or chronic illnesses such as diabetes, psychological stress, or mental function.

Certain Ayurvedic herbs or supplements give better-intended results if you pay attention to the time of consuming them. After all, we all want to maximize its effectiveness and healing benefits.

No doubt, holy basil has a plethora of benefits. Scientific studies have shown that holy basil possesses analgesic, antistress, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and immunomodulatory activities.

If you have comparatively high blood sugar due to its anti-diabetic activity, holy basil helps to lower the blood glucose level. So if you are suffering from this problem, then it is advised to consume one capsule half an hour before breakfast in the morning and another capsule half an hour before dinner at night.

Subsequently, Holy Basil also possesses antistress and immunomodulatory properties, so if you are suffering from stress or anxiety, holy basil also helps you here. As all parts of Holy Basil or Tulsi acts as an adaptogen. 

According to a study, people who took holy basil twice daily after the meal feel less stressed, anxious and attenuate its correlated depression. 

In the same way, if you are stressed or suffering from a generalized anxiety disorder, you should take holy basil half an hour after the meal in the morning and at night.

When to Take Holy Basil for Sleep

Holy Basil is an effective and proven sleep aid. If you suffer from sleep problems, you should take holy basil after the meal at night for better sleep. Also, it will be great if you sip a cup of tea made from holy basil leaves in the evening.

Stress is responsible for the disturbance in regular sleeping habits. One study found out that stress-related symptoms such as forgetfulness, sexual problems, exhaustion, and frequent sleep problems of recent origin decreased significantly after a few weeks of regular consumption of Holy basil.

When you are under stress, your body releases the cortisol hormone. This cortisol hormone fuels our body during stress by releasing glucose into the bloodstream. This not only disturbs your sleep and keeps you turning and tossing during the night but also increases the blood sugar levels.

After consumption of holy basil at night, it helps keep you stress-free as I had mentioned earlier.

Holy Basil is an effective cortisol inhibiter; it will not only make you sleep better but also helps to make your mind calm.  

So Holy Basil calms our mind and slowly allows us to drift off and maintain restful sleep.

In short, taking it at night is an excellent choice as it not only helps you to enjoy desiring better sleep but also helps to wake up healthier, happier with a beautiful smile on your face.

How Much Holy Basil Should I Take

Holy Basil dosage varies from 300 mg to 3000 mg, given as 1-3 times per day. So the suggested dosage for general preventive purposes ranges from 300 mg to 2000 mg daily. And when used for curative therapy or as a treatment, the recommended dosage is around 600 mg to 3000 mg divided into multiple doses per day.

In a study on the evaluation of (Ocimum Sanctum) Holy Basil’s anti-diabetic effect in type 2 diabetic patients, patients were advised to consume 500 mg of holy basil divided into two doses of 250 mg capsule per day. 

It was found that the mean fasting and postprandial blood glucose level was drastically reduced by 39% and 49%respectively.

For holy basil dosage for sleep, in a study on the efficacy of Holy Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum), each patient was given a total 1200 mg of holy basil dosage daily divided into two doses of one 400 mg capsule in the morning after breakfast and two 400 mg capsules (total 800 mg) at night after dinner.

So answer to this question, how much holy basil should I take, varies depending on what you’re taking holy basil to address, and how much the problem is?

In a nutshell, the appropriate holy basil dosage depends on several factors such as health condition, Prakruti (Biotype), age, etc.

Note: (Tulsi) Holy Basil Dosages mostly depends on your symptoms and particular health concern. So it is always beneficial to consult an Ayurveacharya or Authentic Ayurveda Practitioner to determine what holy basil dosage would be best for you.

How Long Does Holy Basil Take to Work

Holy Basil Or Tulsi takes around 15 days to work so that you can see some significant improvement. Holy Basil is an Ayurvedic herb, so it takes some time to work. Ideally, the effects will start immediately, but you have to take it for around 2 to 13 weeks for pronounced effectiveness.

In various clinical trials and studies, Holy basil was given to the patients for a minimum of 2 to 5 weeks up to 8 to 13 weeks

So you have to take this herb for about two weeks to one month to see some noticeable results or an even more extended period. It is highly recommended to take it for a time period as directed by your Ayurveacharya. 

Is Holy Basil Hard on your Liver

Yes, Holy basil can be hard on your liver. It contains eugenol, so high doses of eugenol are harmful to the liver. In contrast, if consumed in small amounts, it can prevent toxin-induced damage to the liver. So Holy basil can be hard to liver only if consumed in very high doses for a more extended period; otherwise, Holy basil is beneficial for the liver.

Holy Basil is beneficial for the liver; it helps the body to rid itself of toxic compounds via liver detoxification enzymes more effectively. This leads to the reduction of fat build-up inside the liver.

Also, holy basil helps in reducing the inflammation of the liver during hepatitis.

Generally, holy basil appears to be safe for medicinal use, as it has been used for hundreds of years in Ayurveda.

Many studies reported favorable clinical effects with minimal or no side effects irrespective of dose, formulation, or the age or gender of participants.

However, you should avoid holy basil or consume only after consulting with an Ayurveda Practitioner if you’re pregnant, lactating, or trying to conceive.

Also, always try to buy Holy Basil from a reputable source only.


Holy Basil is a super fantastic herb, so that in India, it is called “The Queen of Herbs.” It has been part of traditional Indian medicine for more than 3,000 years.

Various scientific studies and evidence suggest Holy Basil (Tulsi) possesses potential applications in treating diabetes, sleep disorders, stress & anxiety.

Most people are in the dilemma of What is the Best Time of Day to Take Holy Basil to gain maximum benefits. So the best time of day to take holy basil is both in the morning and at night.

So you should take Holy basil in the morning if you want to lower your blood sugar level, stress, etc. Similarly, you should take holy basil at night if you are struggling with sleep problems or want to improve your sleep quality. 

Also, no Negative side effects had been reported in human trials. Still, it is highly recommended that you should speak with an Authentic Ayurveda Practitioner before including holy basil into your diet.

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